Ellen NotSoGenerous: How to handle work place nightmares

By Qur’an Hansford

Dear Qur’an,

Following the Ellen DeGeneres scandal, what advice do you have on workplace nightmares? Seeing as Ellen’s talk show just debuted its 18th season, is there any winning as the little guy?

Sincerely, The Little Guy

The Little Guy,

For those of you who may not know, Ellen DeGeneres was recently under fire for accusations of workplace misconduct, including sexual harassment and racist comments. DeGeneres’ whole brand was “be kind” as she was well known for her charities and giveaways, but perhaps that was only while the cameras were rolling.

First things first, memorize the number of human resources. Please do not be afraid to call HR (human resources) — its job is to manage, coordinate and direct the administrative functions of an organization. It oversees the recruiting, interviewing and hiring of new staff; consults with top executives on strategic planning; and serves as a link between an organization’s management and its employees. That is what you call when there are any grievances or even when you have a question about the job.

Now, in the case of Ellen NotSoGenerous, when there are claims of obvious mistreatment in the workplace and to the extreme degree of racism and sexual misconduct, the steps you make forward are crucial. They are crucial because you are not dealing with your typical quarrels of scheduling issues or whether or not your check was short. Situations of blatant harassment and disrespect or those exceptions where you need to ask yourself “is this job worth the abuse I face consistently?”

When dealing with a workplace nightmare sometimes all you need to do is wake up. Always know your worth in any workplace environment, you are there because they need you. I remember a piece of advice (paraphrased of course) that I received from when I got my first job at 18 years old. If you were to die right now, your job would have someone to replace you by morning so call out of work today. This is the best advice I have ever received because it reminded me that I am only being used until I am not, I am merely a commodity in the eyes of my employer. Granted, you may go on to have better work experiences where the environment is not toxic and you have room to grow. But, in the case where a job makes you uncomfortable or uneasy, it is time to look for a new one.

I was glad to see former employees of DeGeneres decided to finally speak about their experiences working with the famous TV personality. A lot of times the more well-known the employer, the harder it is to convince others. Famous people tend to have a team of people to protect them and their brand as well as money to persuade and bribe. But, despite those odds “the little guy” stood 10 toes against workplace mistreatment, as should you. Never underestimate the little guy.

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