Festivals, fun and friends at I Love College

By Christian McCarville

Countless events are orchestrated and executed with the sole purpose of making new students, as well as returning students, feel welcome and comfortable on campus during welcome week at Rider University. The staple of the action-packed week is, without a doubt, the fun-filled dance party fittingly titled “I Love College.”

I Love College has been a successful campus tradition that has brought together new and old students as they are encouraged to dance the night away with new friends while reconnecting with familiar faces.

Local DJ’s kept the momentum going and played all types of hit music for the crowd. The party showed no signs of slowing down until it concluded at 1 a.m. and the Fall Concert performers were publicly announced.

The music pounded through the speakers and was felt throughout the entire gymnasium. Neon lights and themed decorations filled all the available space.

Several beach balls were distributed and many students continued to launch them into the air.

“My favorite part was being able to have a space to jump around and dance and have a great time with my friends,” said sophomore sociology major Gina Ceccarelli.

This year’s theme drew inspiration from popular music festivals such as Firefly and Coachella. The decorations, including plenty of glow sticks and light-up flower crowns, were a reflection of this theme in an attempt to enhance the experience for those who attended.

Sophomore sports media major Sam Steward commented, “The decorations were really fun and definitely made the event even more enjoyable.”

As promised, the performers of this year’s Fall Concert were announced towards the end of the event. First, the crowd was told that Ally Brooke, a singer and former member of Fifth Harmony, will be opening for the main act.

As the night continued and the end of I Love College neared, it was time for those remaining to finally learn who was going to be this year’s main act of the Fall Concert. Many were excited to hear that rapper and singer, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, will be performing at Rider on Sept. 20.

Those who stayed until the very end began to file out of the gymnasium.

The party-goers made it clear they danced their hearts out and had a blast at yet another successful I Love College dance part.

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