Modern renovations change campus aesthetic

By Qur’an Hansford

For the duration of the summer, Rider’s campus underwent substantial renovations with hopes to bring a modern improvement to the campus’ amenities. The facilities on campus expected to receive redevelopment are Cranberry’s, The Pub, Richard A. Coppola Pool, University’s Alumni Gymnasium and the exterior of the Canastra Health and Sports Center.

Two of Rider’s primary dining locations, Cranberry’s and The Pub, began renovation immediately after finals in May and are anticipated to have a completely different look inside and out.

According to Rider’s website, Cranberry’s will be expanded and redesigned with an open concept, circular layout, while the Pub will transform into a sit-down restaurant, similar to that of a sports bar.

Both The Pub and Cranberry’s will feature wooden accents and bright color, with increased seating. The glass dividers separating Cranberry’s from The Pub will serve as more than an aesthetic, but showcase garage doors to allow movement between the two rooms. Outside of Cranberry’s a new pergola with a canopy allows for outside dining regardless of the weather.

The exterior design is not the only feature being updated for this upcoming fall semester. Cranberry’s is introducing new online dining and kiosks to provide and display information and advertisements. Students will have the option of choosing in-house dining via the kiosks or using the mobile order where their food would be stored until pickup.

Last fall, Rider spent $4.7 million on renovation for resident halls Wright and Ridge, and this fall, Kroner debuts its new and improved refurbishment. All the rooms in the residence hall feature new furniture, flooring, paint, lighting and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, according to Rider’s website.

“The new Cranberry’s will be renovated and have a new approach to dining. The area will feature: food ordering from mobile devices, kiosks and cash registers, a virtual Jersey Mike’s with a pickup area, increased and upgraded seating, as well as the full service fast food franchise Wendy’s. The pub will now be a full service sports bar with a chef inspired menu from appetizers to entrees serving beer and wine. The budget was $4.8 million,” said Vice President for Facilities and University Operations, Michael Reca.

Kroner Hall will have new suites in the C-wing with private bathrooms and the remainder of the building will have individual bathrooms on each floor which are also gender inclusive. Delta Phi Epsilon and Lake House also received upgrades to the electrical service, air conditioning, hall bathrooms, room lighting, flooring and furniture, with a budget of $7.4 million, according to Reca.

In the Science & Technology Center, the second floor received lab upgrades, area improvements and a completely renovated lecture hall, with a budget of $2.2 million.

The Maurer Center was renamed the Canastra Health and Sports Center and the building received a new entrance, landscaping and a complete renovation of the Coppola Swimming Pool.

“The swimming and diving facility received a new filtration system, HVAC, diving boards, new flooring, paint, graphics and pool finishes. This work will be done early in the fall semester and estimated $1.5 million to renovate,” said Reca.

The Yvonne Theater and the Bart Luedeke Center (BLC) theaters both received upgrades.

“The BLC had improvements to the set design and fly areas, new lighting, additional backstage access for performers and sound upgrades. The Yvonne theater received improvements to theatrical and house lighting, new flooring and new seating throughout the theater with a budget of $1.5 million,” according to Reca.

New media labs were built in Fine Arts and the facilities will have improved lighting, flooring, furniture and technology to support new and existing academic programs for design and gaming. Also, the common areas adjacent to those rooms received new paint and carpet with a budget of $625,000, according Reca.

“I think the upgrades and decorations are needed. Similar to decorating your dorm room, it makes the room a more productive and happy space. When you are eating you want to feel happy and warm because it sets the right atmosphere,” said junior business education major, Genevieve Santasieri. “If I had to request something else to be renovated it would be the bathrooms.”

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