Student Entertainment Council holds hybrid hunt

By Aaliyah Patel

A hybrid spring scavenger hunt, hosted by the Student Entertainment Council (SEC), was held for students outside throughout the campus and from home on April 17 from noon to 3 p.m.

Students were asked to register through a Google Form by April 9 to become eligible to participate, resulting in about 100 form submissions. The event was split into a hybrid and virtual section so more members of the Rider community could become involved.

Hybrid and virtual participants were given two different lists of tasks to complete, but the one who completed it the fastest received a Rider gift basket, regardless of modality. The off-campus tasks included things such as taking a picture in your favorite Rider gear and posting a picture of either a sport, club or organization that you are involved in. The on-campus tasks included ideas such as these along with taking photos with Rider landmarks.

To show that you had completed the tasks, you had to take a photo and post it to your Instagram story, tagging the SEC. An alternative method was to email the photos to one of the hosts.

Kayla Wagner, a sophomore digital marketing major, and a co-chair of public relations for the SEC who hosted this event discussed the importance of involving all students in these interactive activities, not just those who are physically on campus.

“As we’re nearing the end of the semester, Lindsay and I were looking to collaborate on an event that would bring the Rider community, both on and off-campus, together in a fun way. We thought that hosting a scavenger hunt would be a great event to get everyone outside and find some sense of normalcy in a time that is definitely far from normal in many aspects,” Wagner said.

Students were accompanied by a DeLorenzo’s pizza food truck during their time outside, courtesy of the SEC.

Lindsay Clarke, a sophomore management and leadership major and traditions chair of the SEC, wanted to host an event that relied on active participation.

“The planning process was super fun. This is Kayla and I’s first year on the Student Entertainment Council, so being able to plan and create an in-person event where students can be either off and on campus and interacting with each other on social media is so exciting to bring to life,” Clarke stated.

Ultimately, senior global studies major Ashley Sherry completed the scavenger hunt the fastest and was named the winner. However, each participant was given a free t-shirt for participating, regardless of how long it took them to complete the tasks.

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