Students dazzle at Cranberry and White Affair

By Tristan Leach

It was a cold night. The brisk November wind whipped through the trees. But that did not stop students from dressing their best and braving the walk to the long awaited Cranberry and White Affair.

On Nov. 20, Rider held the dance, a tradition for the school. The glamorous affair encouraged students to wear their best and let loose for a night. The dance was a welcome event after a year where the affair wasn’t held. While COVID-19 still influences decisions made for events, 100 students were allowed to bring outside guests.

The Cavalla Room was transformed into a blue and white winter wonderland. The entry was lined by white trees illuminated in a soft blue light. Above the dance floor a canopy made of white scarves and lights hung gracefully.

Outside, a tent was set up where Bon Temps Brass played jazz music for the first hour. Students crowded into the tent, some dancing with their partners. Others took pictures at the balloon arch. The excitement of the event was clear; for some this was their first affair at Rider.

Jenna Krauss, a sophomore graphic design major, said, “It’s been really fun. It is definitely different to come back here. It’s the first dance I’ve been to since homecoming senior year [of high school]. It’s good to be back, and it feels like college.”

A highlight of the dance were the cupcakes and hot chocolate bar. A variety of toppings — including peppermint and whipped cream — topped the cups of attendees. After a short snack break, students took to the dance floor.

As the time for the DJ to start drew near, more students began to filter in. Excited students greeted each other, hugging and complimenting the looks their friends had picked out. While there was no dress code, many opted for a cranberry or black outfit. Everywhere someone looked there was another gorgeous dress or suit to take in.

A DJ from DJs Available was hired for the event. Reviews of the DJ were mixed, but it did not stop anyone from dancing. Crowds grew on the floor as line dances started to play. “The Cupid Shuffle” brought together almost everyone in attendance. On the dance floor, it didn’t matter whether or not the people next to each other were friends. Everyone was there with the same intent: to have fun.

Senior film and television major Tiffani Britton said, “This is my third time at Cran and White. It’s really great to be back. … The energy is so great. You can tell everyone is happy to be here. Everyone is dressed up to the nines. It’s wonderful.”

As the night carried on, the energy on the floor picked up. Happy laughter could be heard over the music. Friends danced with each other and encouraged another.

As the night began to wind down, students, guests and staff said their goodbyes, talking about the fun they had.

The tradition brought the Rider community together, making for another successful Cranberry and White Affair.

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