Students get their grub on at remodeled Cranberry’s

By Austin Latanzio

Dinning opinions have increased since the remodeled Cranberry’s opened on Sept. 23. The eatery in the Bart Luedeke Center has undergone a facelift in both food operation and visual style and is now reopened for students to enjoy. Returning students on campus shared their thoughts on the new eating area.

“It’s much wider… and it has a bigger variety of food,” senior musical theater major Ryan Lloyd said.

Another student had more insight on the new look of the dining facility. “It looks nicer and there is more seating than before,” junior elementary education major Jessica Rountree said. However, she also felt that the remodel left some things to be desired, such as the salad bar from previous years and Andrew J’s, the general store that used to occupy part of the area.

Despite this, Rountree prefers eating at Cranberry’s over other dining options on campus, because “I’m a commuter, so it’s super convenient.”

Lloyd also felt that the new Cranberry’s had some negative aspects: “I think having to use Grubhub to order might be a turn off for some people,” he said.

“While it is convenient to order from your phone, some students would prefer to just order and get their food right then and there, and even just pay cash.”

Even after its opening, Cranberry’s is still not finished. Students have noticed a booth covered with a black tarp in the back of the restaurant, accompanied by a sign stating “Coming soon, Wendy’s.”

“It will be interesting to see.” Lloyd said when asked about his thoughts about a Wendy’s on campus.

“It will be a convenience though.”

Rountree also shared her opinion on Wendy’s.

“Nutritional wise, I don’t think we need it on campus,” She said. “But it is something that people are familiar with menu wise.”

While the establishment is not yet done, Cranberry’s has satisfied students by providing sushi, quesdallias, pizza and more since its opening. Students can also look forward to more options coming soon to Cranberry’s to broaden their food options even more.

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