The Pub: A little taste of Rider’s culinary experience

By Elena Lobo

Got food? Rider’s classic campus juncture, The Pub, has plenty; located on the ground floor of the Bart Luedeke Center (BLC) in Cranberry’s Cafe, The Pub is a campus staple.

The location was recently renovated and features a comfy, modern and warm atmosphere. Due to safety restrictions brought upon by the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Pub is focusing on take-out and pick-up through contactless interaction at the counter in Cranberry’s.

If students wish to sit down and eat, they can bring their food to one of the distanced tables in Cranberry’s open food court, after getting their temperature checked and logged into the Campus Clear app.

According to staff and students who frequent The Pub, the restaurant is working alongside Rider to cultivate a safe and comfortable environment for students by practicing distancing and temperature check guidelines.

Masks must be worn at all times except while actively eating and drinking, and staff is required to wear masks as well as gloves when they work. As per government regulations, a 6-foot distance must also be kept between all patrons. Additionally, hand sanitizer dispensers can be found throughout the location and on campus.

“Rider is doing the best it can, and that is a completely different environment now. We are missing the love, smiles and laughter,” said Paulette White, a longtime foodservice employee.

White is a force to be reckoned with, having spent 37 years working for Rider. She started at Daly Dining Hall, and she eventually made her way to Cranberry’s front end when an opening was made available. White seized the opportunity to ensure that needs were met.

Once the pandemic hit, White moved within Cranberry’s to greet and interact with customers, take temperatures and make sure everyone is wearing masks, all while maintaining a safe distance.

“I like working at Cranberry’s. When you enjoy what you are doing, it is worth it,” said White.

Just like the students, White has her favorite meals at The Pub. She said she enjoys barbeque wings, both boneless and with the bone, the most. However, mozzarella sticks are a close second.

Another dedicated Cranberry’s staff member is Assistant Manager Alessandro Tramo.

Tramo has worked for Cranberry’s since Gourmet Dining took over. Along with his coworkers, Tramo ensures that the establishment runs smoothly throughout these tough times. While maintaining safety regulations, Tramo also managed to incorporate new entrees and appetizers into the mix.

Tempura shrimp tacos and braised beef sliders were added to the “secret menu” at The Pub. Both of these dishes add a contemporary, delicious flair to the menu. The tempura shrimp tacos are a savory masterpiece with a crunch to it, while the braised beef sliders bring about a scrumptious take on a classic dish anyone can enjoy. For the rest of the week, The Pub will feature barbeque ribs on their menu, another classic dish worth keeping an eye out for.

The Pub has an inclusive menu with items for vegan and vegetarian diets.

From the student perspective, Nicole Tremble, a sophomore biology major, said she visits The Pub about once a week and looks forward to enjoying a nice, warm meal. “The AJ burger, it’s my favorite by far,” said Tremble.

The AJ burger is a mouth-watering hamburger topped with a savory meat patty, fried egg and cheese — a classic that never misses the mark.

The Pub is a go-to hot-spot that any student can enjoy. The warm, friendly atmosphere coupled with exemplary service makes the restaurant one of the many unique food experiences one can encounter throughout their time on campus, a true delight.

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