Westminster College of the Arts receives new technology

By Felicia Roehm

Rider University’s Westminster College of the Arts generously received over $155,000 from the Martinson Family Foundation to help purchase new technology that will be used this semester.

The equipment includes a high-resolution projector which is twice as impressive as Rider’s current projector, new moving light technology, motion capture technology, cameras and iPad Pros.

Anne Sears, professor and director of external affairs at Westminster College of the Arts said, “This grant offers our students the opportunity to have hands-on experience with the kind of technology that’s being used in major theaters and performing arts centers. They’ll be able to ‘hit the ground running’ after they graduate.”

Rider alumni have performed on Disney Cruise Lines, toured with shows like “Hamilton” and “Rent,” performed with Beyoncé and more. This new technology will strengthen and enhance the knowledge of students to help their future careers.

“Everyone involved in this proposal looks forward to purchasing and using the tools that the grant is supporting as the year goes on – and sharing our students’ work with our audiences visiting campus and also beyond through streaming events from Gill Chapel,” said Sears.

Jason Vodicka, the chair and associate professor of music education said, “This will be a great benefit to our students and our programs. Nearly every concert and recital that we present needs to be video recorded, for archival purposes, for live streaming and so that students can look back on their work and reflect.”

Vodicka continued, “Having a built-in, high-quality system that is easy to run will save everyone time and money, and it will eventually enable students to be trained on how to run the equipment which will be a great learning experience for them.”

Rebecca Kirk, a senior music education major, was not aware of the recent donation made to the school of arts but is looking forward to seeing how the money will be used.

Kirk said,“ I can imagine it will help make our concerts look and sound better.

Having iPads is also a great way to share music.”

Olivia Nicoletti and Tori Pender contributed to this article.

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