Business broncs take pride in nationally-ranked program

By Sarah Griffin

Rider’s Norm Brodsky College of Business has been recognized twice on a list of 1,600 best online master’s degrees programs in the country, according to the U.S. News.

The university’s master’s degree of business program came in at 126 and Rider’s master’s of business administration program was ranked at 251.

When asked why the program is ranked so high, DonnaJean Fredeen, provost and vice president of academic affairs, said, “cause it’s the best.”

“One of the things that Dr. [Eugene] Kutcher said that I think is really very important about the connections to the business world is that we have several advisory councils for these degrees and so we have an information writing advisory council that informs the faculty about what programs and approaches we should be taking,” said Fredeen. “ I also think that many of our faculty come from industry, and so while they have their degrees, they also have that industry experience.”

Kutcher, dean of the Norm Brodsky College of Business, said he is proud of Rider’s business programs.

Kutcher said, “We’re focused on students, we’re focused on how what we’re teach in the classroom will directly impact our students, especially in the graduate programs, what they’re dealing with in their current jobs, what they’re likely to deal with in those same jobs in the future and what are the skills that are going to get them the jobs that they want”.

Freshman business major Sherrie Manalo said that Rider’s business school is ranked as high as it is because of the “opportunities that they can use after college.”

Manalo also believed that the program’s habit of teaching students skills that they will “be using for the rest of their life.”

“There’s a lot of resources and people that you could talk to,” said Manalo.

“I chose to go into business because I always wanted to be a leader, and I wasn’t really a follower of people who started things.”

Senior business major Daniel Burton regards the business school highly because of “the job opportunities that many students are receiving.”

Burton said, “I actually received a letter from Rider stating that a job is pretty much guaranteed for any business major after graduation.”

He mentioned that one of the most important things that he has learned at the business school is good communication skills, “especially when it comes to the business aspect, being that there’s just so much that goes into it.”

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