Friendly staff makes dining experience outstanding

By Libby D’Orvilliers

I am a firm believer in the age-old saying that “a little kindness goes a long way.” It seems that Rider’s dining staff ensures that their kindness reaches every diner that comes in for a meal. Some of the most pleasant interactions I have had on campus were with the staff at Daly Dining Hall and Cranberry’s. Students should reciprocate this kindness, not only on special occasions and holidays, but every day.

As someone who gets up very early in the morning, one of my favorite ways to start off the day is with a warm cup of coffee and a quiet breakfast. From the moment I step into the double doors of Daly’s when it opens at 7:30 a.m., still wiping the sleep from my eyes, I am greeted at the front counter with a bright and cheery “Good morning sweetie, how are you today?” followed by an additional chorus of “Good mornings” from the rest of staff as I move throughout the dining hall. This automatically puts a smile on my face and sets a positive tone for my day. Since it is early in the morning, Daly’s is on the quieter side, but what could potentially be a lonely dining experience is full of smiles, well-wishes and upbeat conversations with the staff. It sounds simple, but these warm greetings help me start my day off on the right foot. On the days I do not stop by Daly’s, I often feel like I missed out on an opportunity to connect and enjoy the homey, welcoming atmosphere that I simply can’t get by eating cereal alone in my dorm.

These simple acts of kindness, alongside the relationships I have formed with the staff, truly sets my meals on campus apart from other dining experiences. These positive interactions translate to other dining locations on campus, such as Cranberry’s, where the staff members at the market always greet me with a smile, know me by name and know that I am usually picking up sparkling water on my way to class. On my way out, they tell me to have a good class, giving me a boost of confidence to tackle the rest of my schedule or exam head-on.

By Josiah Thomas

Too often I hear my peers complaining about the dining options on campus, saying there isn’t enough variety, or they miss their mom’s cooking. While nothing can replace a good home-cooked meal from your parents, I would argue that the staff at Daly’s creates a welcoming environment that leaves diners feeling comfortable and able to enjoy their meals, much like a meal at home. While the food at Daly’s may not be your mom’s secret recipe meatloaf, the staff puts their heart and soul into the food they create and serve and it fills my heart to have a fresh cooked meal; even if it’s not my mom making it. 

Additionally, the dining staff at Rider are constantly open to feedback on how they can best assist students to make their dining experience as enjoyable as possible. They achieve this through holding Food Forum events where students can share their ideas and thoughts directly with a group of staff members who take all suggestions and feedback into consideration. They even have the option for diners to use the Chatback text messaging system to message dining questions and concerns to staff directly as a means of being open to feedback.

The staff at Rider’s numerous dining locations across campus create a welcoming atmosphere at all times, whether I am popping in for a midday snack or my early morning coffee. The dining experience at Rider is outstanding and deserves more recognition and appreciation. So, next time you stop into Daly’s or Cranberry’s, be sure to take a moment and thank the staff for all that they do for students. Remember that kindness goes both ways and that a simple thank you and a smile can go a long way.

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