Namaaaste: Goat yoga helps students to relax and de-stress on campus

By Aaliyah Patel

A beginner-friendly outdoor yoga class was held on campus green on April 10 at 11:30 a.m. inviting students to de-stress with different yoga poses and goats of different types, sizes and ages.

Put together by the Student Entertainment Council (SEC), the event worked with “Namaaaste Goat Yoga,” a farm that hosts all-skills level yoga classes around New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 12 goats were brought to campus as they helped induce therapeutic benefits such as animal and laughter therapy. Sessions were divided into three groups lasting for about an hour with 45 minutes set aside for yoga and 15 minutes dedicated to pictures and hugs with the goats.

The 25 students that had signed up were required to bring their own towels and mats to adhere to COVID-19 protocols. Everyone in attendance had to remain socially distanced and wear masks the entire time. The instructor guided participants throughout the various poses.

Julia Bayait, a second-year elementary and multidisciplinary studies major and member of the SEC, helped organize the event and ensure safety measures were taken seriously.

“COVID protocols were the most important aspect of our event and we took it into consideration during every step of planning. When reaching out to the goat farm, they had their own rules and regulations in mind that they brought along with them to campus. Some of these restrictions included a socially distant goat pen where everyone could fit comfortably, hand sanitizer at check-in and masks at all times,”

Bayait said. “Everyone also brought their own mats and towels to ensure there was no cross-contamination. Lastly, we had two SEC members and an advisor, Lucia White, on-site to make sure there were six feet between each guest.”

As students start transitioning back into more in-person events, these protocols will remain in effect.

Kaitlyn Kurfuss, a second-year marketing major, felt relaxed after completing one of the yoga sessions.

“This event was so fun. It’s perfect for those that are good at yoga and awful at yoga. The poses were very beginner-friendly, and you didn’t have to do them if you wanted to just pet the goats instead. Our session had great experiences with the goats, they were all very friendly and ready to cuddle,” Kurfuss said.

The SEC will continue to host events that encourage mental and physical wellness throughout the final weeks of the spring semester.

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