New students open up on why they chose Rider

By Amethyst Martinez

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) courts filled up with students and faculty to welcome the Rider’s newly accepted students for Admitted Students Day on March 5 for the fall 2022 school year.

The SRC greeted everyone with neatly packaged cupcakes and balloons, and tables were set up in the courts for clubs and sororities on campus to ignite interest in admitted students. The event also featured important student affairs organizations such as dining, military recruitment and more.

According to Vice President of Enrollment Management Drew Aromando, enrollment funnel numbers were strong this year, with applications up 7% and admitted students up 6% in comparison to last year, when COVID-19 played a big role in the difference of numbers.

Applications were received in 71 majors and across 53 different countries, including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C., Aromando said.

Aromando also said that 1,700 unique visitors have visited Riders campus this year in comparison to 1,335 last year, most likely affected by COVID- 19 restrictions. It is also estimated that over 800 more people will visit campus from the two admitted student days on Feb.12 and March 5 and spring events being held to welcome new students.

Although all new students that attended were accepted to Rider, some didn’t choose their college yet. Admissions also offered deposit acceptance for students who committed to Rider on the spot.

Hannah Harrison got accepted to Rider as an accounting major and will begin her freshman year in the fall.

“Rider has a very good accounting program. It’s very prestigious and accredited, and I know someone that went here for accounting, so I looked into it and it seemed like a great fit for me,” said Harrison.

Many students were also looking at their options after their acceptance.

Kamryn Keaton-Pitchford, a student who hasn’t committed to a college yet decided to apply because she wanted to commute and received an email from the university. Other colleges she applied to were Penn State University, Rutgers University, Drexel University and Cabrini University.

There were also plenty of Rider students working to make the admitted student’s day -possible for newcomers.

Haley Hartline, a sophomore acting major and Center for the Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) student employee, worked the event by representing CDI and interacting with potential students.

Hartline is also a transfer student, which gives her unique insight to share with students who are still deciding where to go for their degree.

“I’ve seen a whole bunch of people who are really interested in being here. I think they just really love the community that the campus provides and also the great opportunities that are here, especially because we have so many different organizations to help them feel welcomed culturally, spiritually and just like with their hobbies and interests,” said Hartline. “It’s just a nice place to help people feel involved.”

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