President Dell’Omo hands students first orders at Saxbys Coffee

By Hannah Newman

On Oct. 4, Rider celebrated the grand opening of Saxbys Coffee where university President Gregory Dell’Omo handed out free cold brews to welcome the newest addition to Anne Brossman Sweigart Hall in the Norm Brodsky College of Business.

Saxbys has cafes on many different college campuses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They serve coffees and specialty drinks, as well as a variety of baked goods and sandwiches, expanding the dining experience at Rider.

Student CEO of Saxbys and business leadership major Anna Corelli shared her experience working at many different Saxbys locations, as well as attending a three- week barista boot camp. While at this boot camp, she was trained in multiple areas of service to ensure the Saxbys staff at Rider will be prepared to display expeditious service proficiently.

“I am most excited for not only developing my team but for my competition which is to beat Starbucks’ speed of service. We consider ourselves a hospitality group before a business to ensure that customers feel welcomed and encounter quick service with their busy schedules,” said Corelli.

Corelli also noted that each Saxbys location exhibits originality within the corporation by adding something unique to their Saxbys’ serving attire. The staff at the University of Pennsylvania wears bandanas while the Temple University employees wear bucket hats. Corelli added that the staff at Rider is still in the process of creating such individuality, although she is confident that this team will come up with something special as a result of the strong bond and exceptional work habits that this Saxbys team displays.

Maya Arthur, Saxbys’ communication manager from the company’s headquarters in Philadelphia, shared her thoughts on Saxbys’ first day at Rider and how she felt Rider has responded to the inclusion of this cafe.

“The first day has been really busy, and I am so excited and thankful that Saxbys has been welcomed to Rider with open arms. I mean, it is not every day that you see the president of a university behind the coffee bar shouting names and handing out drinks. I am most excited about watching Provost DonnaJean Fredeen along with Dean Eugene Kutcher officially inaugurate Anna as the student CEO of Saxbys here at Rider, ” said Arthur.

Students and staff of Rider, including mascot AJ the Bronc, along with Saxbys CEO Nick Bayer and his team, arrived at Sweigart Hall in the morning and stayed into the early afternoon to support the cafe’s workers as they served the hour-long wait of orders.

Saxbys promises convenience to students who have a tight schedule due to its location right in the middle of the academic buildings, ensuring there is a quick and local spot to grab something to eat or drink without having to walk across campus. Saxbys also provides an escape from reality for students during their school day with its elegant atmosphere and animated staff that hands out a smile with each order that is placed.

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