Rider Fashion

By Rashe Mishra

Kaiya Johnson (she/her) – Freshman arts and entertainment industries management major

Johnson is wearing a ‘70s-inspired look and pulls her fashion inspiration from music icons Aaliyah and Lauryn Hill. Johnson loves fall weather because it is the perfect season to put together stylish outfits. She loves the trendy return of go-go boots, sporting vintage style. 

Eden Lewis (they/them) – Sophomore English major

Lewis loves thrifting and has curated their outfit through second-hand shopping. They love styling outfits with bracelets and necklaces and love to pair jewelry with simple attire. Lewis finds themself incorporating Y2K elements into their daily outfits and enjoys the comeback of ‘90s and ‘00s fashion.

Ella Osmers (she/her) – Junior business major

Osmers is wearing her go-to outfit: a baggy shirt and jeans completed with her favorite sneakers. If she could describe her style in one word, it would be “streetwear.” Summer is perfect for Osmer’s style choices since she can wear her favorite outfits effortlessly in the hot, breezy weather.

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