Rider fights on-campus hunger with new action plan involving the help of students

By Dylan Manfre

Everyone should get a seat at the table.

Rider students are now able to find a purpose for unused meal swipes and the five guest passes that come as a part of the campus dining plans at Daly’s Dining Hall.

The university began a new program called Broncs Against Hunger and posted in a news release on Rider’s website, about the new initiative in conjunction with a national program called Swipe Out Hunger, which allows excess swipes to go toward students facing food insecurity on campus. Students can fill out a Google Form requesting to be a recipient of the program.

Since it is a new program, Joan Liptrot, director of service and civic engagement, said she had not begun keeping track of how many students have donated swipes but plans to start the process. While on a walk to the Rider Resource Pantry, she pondered what the situation could be like for students in need if everyone at the university donated at least one swipe.

“We will be launching [the form] this week for the donations,” Liptrot said.

Rider’s Resource Pantry

Located in the Vona Center to the left of Daly’s Dining Hall, the resource pantry stores donated nonperishable food items, school supplies and some frozen items after it received a refrigerator.

Anyone can go into the pantry and take items regardless of whether a student is food insecure. Liptrot added that it is a “moral” decision for people to make as to whether they need the items in the pantry or not.

“That is a huge concern that people have,” Liptrot said. But when asked if it was a concern of her own, she said “No.”

“Our motto is take what you need, use what you take, give back when you can,” Liptrot said. “We don’t police [who uses the resource pantry.] Obviously, when it comes to meal swipes we’re going to be a little more cautious.”

Around campus, there are tiny red boxes labeled “Rider Resource Pantry” of which where students can place items they wish to donate to the pantry.

Reach out to The Office of Service and Civic Engagement via pantry@rider.edu for any questions, comments or concerns.

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