Rider welcomes the Class of 2025 for in-person instruction

By Aaliyah Patel

Rider is welcoming students back to campus for full in-person instruction after transitioning to remote learning during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the implementation of mandatory vaccinations and heightened precautionary measures, including wearing masks inside buildings, students can once again immerse themselves in on-campus activities.

For many, being back on campus is a new experience, as is with the class of 2025 who wrapped up their non-traditional senior year of high school through remote and hybrid instruction.

Joining the incoming class of students represents the start of a new journey, a start that many were afraid would be non-traditional.

Emilie Beals, a freshman music education major, transitioned from missing out on many school events to being fully booked for her first semester.

“The pandemic made me realize how much I loved and missed performances, athletics and spending time with larger groups of people,” Beals said.

To make up for lost time, Beals is hopeful to become actively involved, as she hopes to make new friends and build meaningful relationships.

“I’m looking forward to getting involved with WCC performances, acapella groups and club sports,” Beals said.

During the beginning of each semester, the university hosts welcome week, a series of interactive events that students can become involved in to become social among their peers.

This semester, there are many events students can attend including, Broncapalooza, Cranberry Wednesdays, Cranchella, Dynamic Duos and a university exclusive, the R Factor Singing Competition.

Grayson Davidock, a musical theater major, is looking forward to his first year living on campus, especially after he struggled to learn remotely.

“After spending my entire senior year miserably attending school virtually from home, coming to Rider feels like the breath of fresh air,” Davidock said.

Students can also expect to experience a wide range of performances including Drag Race and Rock Fest this semester.

“Life on campus and being back in an environment where I can be with my peers in person has been incredible,” Davidock said. “Especially coming off of a year of minimal social activity.”

As these new students have missed out on many of their senior year experiences, beginning a new institution can relay feelings of anxiety. Students are encouraged to participate in all the interactive events that the university has to offer to embark on their new journey in college.

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