Security Briefs

By Shaun Chornobroff

Bumping Boulders 

Rocking and rolling. On April 13 at 8:34 a.m., Public Safety was dispatched to the Fine Arts lot for the report of a motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival, they met with a staff member who stated they struck a boulder while parking their vehicle. The boulder, which sits in the grass to prevent cars from circumventing the gate, appeared to have been struck by something else, pushing it into the parking space. When the staff member pulled into the space they did not see the boulder before their vehicle struck it. Facilities Management was contacted to have the boulder moved back into its original position. 

Smothered Smoke Detector 

Blocked by a bag. On April 14 at 12:07 p.m., Public Safety, along with the Lawrence Township Fire Marshal and Facilities Management, were conducting fire inspections on campus. While checking a room in Lincoln Hall, it was discovered that an occupant had covered the smoke detector head with a plastic bag. The bag was removed and the smoke detector checked to make sure it was operational. The matter was referred to the office of community standards. 

Vulgar Vandalism 

Double the trouble. On April 16 at 9:41 a.m., Public Safety was dispatched to Ziegler Hall for the report of graffiti on the wall. As Public Safety checked the building, they found two locations that had been vandalized with vulgar remarks. Facilities management was contacted to have the graffiti removed. 

– Information provided by Public Safety Capt. Matthew Babcock 

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