Senior dance science major earns regional choreography award

By Tori Pender

Senior dance science major Anna Fredeen was the recipient of this year’s Choreography Connection Award from Regional Dance America, after presenting seven modern dance pieces.

Fredeen has danced for 21 years in all varieties of western dance, from ponté, to contemporary, to tap.

“If somebody told me to improv right now, I would start performing in modern technique … I gravitate, when it comes to choreography, toward modern,” said Fredeen. “I create pieces for all types of styles, but if I really had my way to do everything the way I want to, it would most likely end up being modern.”

Fredeen participated in a dance intensive workshop held by Regional Dance America, a nonprofit dedicated to elevating the future of dance in America.

Fredeen described the pieces she showcased as “out of her comfort zone” since the director, Peter Chu, gave the choreographers different situations to create the pieces around.

“Some of them are really interesting,” said Fredeen. “Go find something in your room and create that shape with your body. Then how do you move out of the shape and back into it, in different ways, which was very interesting for me and kind of difficult.”

Her mother and Provost of Academic Affairs DonnaJean Fredeen said from the beginning, Anna Fredeen has been both a dancer and choreographer.

DonnaJean Fredeen said, “She first publicly performed her choreography at an elementary school talent show in the second grade, a tap dance to the J. Geils Band song, ‘Til’ the Walls Come Tumblin’ Down.’”

DonnaJean Fredeen emphasized how enjoyable it is for her to not only watch her daughter dance but also, the dancers who perform in her choreographed pieces, seeing the visualizations and interpretations of the choreographed music come to life.

“As a mom, I was overjoyed when she was selected to receive the Choreography Connection award,” said DonnaJean Fredeen. “As Provost, I am, once again, thrilled to learn of the accomplishments of one of our Rider Broncs.”

Anna Fredeen currently teaches at two local dance studios, Glen Roc Dance Shoppe and The Dance Factory. She sees her future going down a couple of possible distinct routes, one as a choreographer and dance teacher, one as a dance therapist for professional athletes and one as a dance instructor teaching strength and conditioning skills to dancers.

“I want to keep learning and I wanna share information,” said Anna Fredeen. “I think that’s the common thing between all four of those, just sharing stuff with other people to make them healthy and safe and enjoy what they do.”

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