Senior Spotlight: Cissie Brotzman

By Grace Bertrand

Coming from an artistic family, senior arts and entertainment industries management major Cissie Brotzman grew up surrounded by creativity.  

Straying away from art for a few years of her life, she always figured she would eventually find her way back. 

“My grandfather was very artistic and musical. I think he definitely helped shape not only me, but my entire family to be on the more creative side,” Brotzman said. 

As an incoming freshman, Brotzman was undecided her first year before going into journalism. A year later she changed her major to arts and entertainment industries management. Brotzman first struggled with deciding whether or not she should add it as her minor, but after speaking with her mother, Brotzman’s decision was final. 

Brotzman specifically called to mind her mom telling her over the phone that the major was perfect for her saying, “That is so you.” 

Coming into the major late has not stopped Brotzman from putting her all into her work by completing all 54 credits in the major and even scoring two internships in the past two years. 

Brotzman’s academic adviser and professor Linda Lorence-Critelli has been with her through all two years and emphasized that she has definitely seen her grow as a student and as a person. 

“I’ve seen her refine her interests in the arts and she’s developed really great skill sets in marketing,” Lorence-Critelli said.

Brotzman currently takes on duties as the social media officer for the admissions of AEIM, where she runs its Instagram account. 

As an AEIM major, finding an internship was another requirement Brotzman had to get started on sooner rather than later. 

Last year, Brotzman had the opportunity to do a small informal internship with the Music Managers Forum that was completely virtual. 

Landing an internship at an independent new talent agency in New York that takes her to the city three times a week, Brotzman revealed she has a full plate on her hands. 

While she doesn’t see herself continuing the internship once she graduates, Brotzman opened up that doing this internship at Bramante Artists Talent Agency has allowed her to meet with new people and get a taste of different personalities, which is an aspect of the industry that she feels really drawn to. 

Describing herself as indecisive, Brotzman said “What I really like about this major is we kind of get a glimpse of every different part of the entertainment industry. That’s really unique and something rare that you can’t really find anywhere else.” 

Apart from being a hard-working arts enjoyer, Lorence-Critelli described Brotzman as having “a really pleasant personality.” 

That revelation is hard to ignore right when meeting Brotzman, with her wide-eyed smile, welcoming blue-gray eyes and contagious laugh. 

Breaking out of her shell, Brotzman has been using her bright personality to show people around campus as a tour guide since her sophomore year, before moving up to become the lead tour guide this year. 

“Going into college, I would have never thought I would have been a tour guide because I was so shy in high school and I never would have thought that I would be a leader,” Brotzman said. 

For Brotzman, being a tour guide is something that has really shaped who she is now and given her the confidence she needed for her work and personal life. 

Brotzman with a view of New York City in the back, where she travels to three times a week. Photo courtesy of Cissie Brotzman.

“If I wasn’t a tour guide, I would probably still be that shy little girl,” Brotzman said.

Her boss at the Office of Admissions, Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission Hannah Ford described Brotzman as someone everyone in her office, including staff, can depend on. 

“She always brings a positive attitude and smile on her face,” Ford said. 

 As a lead tour guide, Brotzman has gained more hands-on responsibilities that include being in charge of her own team of tour guides, having meetings with Ford and coming up with activities for staff meetings. 

When it comes to her plans after college, Brotzman currently has nothing lined up for the summer but has accepted an offer for next year at the Disney College Program, a United States national internship program run by the Disney Programs division of The Walt Disney Company. 

The program is offered to graduates up to two years after graduating and is an internship Brotzman has been keeping an eye out for since her sophomore year.  

“I’m feeling very bittersweet about leaving Rider but I’m super excited for the future,” Brotzman said. 

Looking ahead, Brotzman remains thankful for her time at Rider and how it has helped in building her confidence, acquiring necessary skills and growing as a person over all. 

“I really think Rider has helped me become the person I am today. I’m super excited to see where I go after this, but I do owe a lot to Rider,” Brotzman said.  

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