SGA president encourages students to think positive for school year

By Andrew Bernstein

I write with great excitement to begin the new school year and to be back on campus! With the buzz of enthusiasm surrounding Welcome Week events, the anticipation of attending on-campus sporting games and the eagerness to meet new friends, there is of course some uncertainty regarding recent university-wide changes. 

Whether it be restructuring or the negotiation of the faculty contract, many things are undoubtedly confusing and can be anxiety-inducing. The good news is that the Student Government Association (SGA) is here to provide as much information as possible and to support what is guaranteed to be a fruitful school year. 

Our approach has been, and will continue to be, advocating for the best interest of the student body when discussing various university changes. As the year progresses, SGA will continue to have conversations that prioritize student voices and opinions. We will also continue hosting and supporting student-centered initiatives and events to benefit all Rider Broncs. 

Many of us have chosen to attend and stay at Rider because of our sense of community and common purpose; let’s not lose sight of this even in the face of uncertainty and change. I encourage you to filter through the divisive rhetoric, search for answers, and not let these potential adversities dampen your enthusiasm for being a Rider Bronc. Please don’t hesitate to voice your concerns, ask questions, or simply reach out to your elected representatives in SGA. You can contact us on social media (@ridersga) and/or email us at And always remember: it’s a great day to be a Bronc! 

Your voice matters, so make it heard! 

Andrew Bernstein

senior political science major

Student Government Association President

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