Shining Light on Black Excellence: Clinton Asante-Addo

By Tristan E. M. Leach

As senior digital marketing major Clinton Asante-Addo sits at a table in Sweigart Hall, nearly every student who passes by greets him. With a friendly smile and bright, inquisitive eyes, Asante-Addo waves back, asking each how they are and what they’ve been up to. These qualities are the bow on the package that is Asante-Addo and his passion for helping others. 

From a young age, Asante-Addo had a passion for business. Growing up he was surrounded by healthcare professionals but quickly decided that the field wasn’t for him. 

In middle school he resold sneakers. His success at this feat ignited a flame that hasn’t gone out since. 

Originally majoring in business administration, Asante-Addo wasn’t sure what he wanted to pursue when it came to business and the many facets that come with it. After taking a class that taught how social media and digital marketing are tied, Asante-Addo decided to switch majors. 

“I liked the idea of marketing, but I wanted to get more specific,” said Asante-Addo. “Digital marketing is a newer thing in a lot of industries and something companies are looking for … it’s a newer field, so it means that it is in demand.” 

Digital marketing combined Asante-Addo’s passion for helping people and his love of business. By choosing a newer field in the business world, Asante-Addo has made himself an in-demand worker with skills that are invaluable in the ever-changing world of business. 

“[Digital marketing] keeps you on your feet. A lot of times people change, things change. So you always have to think of ways to innovate and make your company stand out from others,” said Asante-Addo. 

If there’s one thing Asante-Addo knows how to do, it’s stand out. To further his education in the business world, he became a brother of Delta Sigma Phi, the co-ed business fraternity at Rider. Asante-Addo was inspired to join after a brother came to one of his classes to talk about what DSP does and the benefits that come with being in the fraternity. 

Senior digital marketing major Clinton Asante-Addo is currently an intern with Capital Health. Photo courtesy of Clinton Asante-Addo.

Asante-Addo became a member in the spring of his sophomore year. Since then, he has held several leadership positions in DSP, including vice president of alumni relations, fundraising chair and his current role as vice president of pledge education. Asante-Addo praised DSP for what the organization has taught him and shared that the organization has given him confidence and allowed him to become a well-rounded professional. 

Lauren Turnbull, a junior finance major, is the current president of DSP and has known Asante-Addo since the two rushed the fraternity together. Since becoming brothers, the two have worked together in close capacity, attending events, recruiting potential new members and, in their current positions, working to ensure that the fraternity and its new members thrive. 

Turnbull said, “Clinton and I work closely to facilitate the education process for our new pledges hoping to become brothers. [Vice president of pledge education] is one of the more important roles after the recruitment process is over because it prepares the potential new members for becoming brothers and being accepted into the fraternity.” 

This role has been a sweet spot for Asante-Addo. Helping others is what his work both professionally and academically comes down to. Currently, Asante-Addo has an internship with Capital Health. He runs the social media and works on the website for the Capital Health Trenton region. On campus, he is a tour guide and was recently promoted to manager on duty at the Student Recreation Center. 

In May he will graduate, but Asante-Addo will return to Rider to get his Master of Business Administration and hopes to find a full-time position with Capital Health.

After receiving his master’s, Asante-Addo hopes to pursue work in several areas that interest him, including getting his license in real estate and someday becoming a professor of digital marketing. 

Until then, Asante-Addo is committed to his brothers, his internship and, most importantly, to fanning the flame of passion that is business and digital marketing. 

This article is a part of the Shining Light on Black Excellence series by The Rider News to showcase impactful Black figures on campus for Black History Month.

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