Students take part in long distance holiday gift exchange

By Aaliyah Patel

While Broncs were away for an extended winter break, the Student Entertainment Council (SEC) found a way to still spread the holiday joy, with students participating in a “Secret Snowman Gift Exchange” toward the end of November and beginning of December.

Participants that registered through the Google Form received the name, email and home address of another Rider student that they would be purchasing a $10 to $15 gift for.

For the exchange to have been facilitated effectively, the gift had to be sent out by Dec.1 to ensure that the recipient would receive it before the end of the fall semester.

Lauren Matticoli, a senior human resource management major and the SEC traditions chair, said that this was the first time Rider held a school-wide gift exchange.

“We chose to have this event because we thought that it would be a creative and fun way to celebrate the upcoming holidays. We also thought that it was a unique event that could be from home, as students do not need to be on campus to participate,” Matticoli said.

Shortly after registering, participants received an interests list to help develop gift ideas for who they were purchasing for.

“Having this event and seeing how many students signed up to participate made me so happy to see. I think that as nice as it is to receive gifts, it is just as nice to give them,” Matticoli said.

Senior business management major and SEC President Goanio Chavarria expressed the importance of conducting virtual events, especially during the holidays.

“As president, I just wanted the students to have fun with it, just like at any of our events. Times are different right now, but there are still ways to connect with each other and make it fun,” Chavarria said.

This event had a great turnout rate with 58 student participants.

“I think this was a great alternative. Students can easily engage and benefit from it. They sent a secret Santa present and a gift from the SEC for participating. I am happy to see so many students taking part in it,” Chavarria said.

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