The ‘Golden Globes’ was a major disappointment

By Tristan E. M. Leach

I have always loved award shows. The deep red carpet, the glamorous (and sometimes bizarre) outfits and the excitement of each and every person in that room. Watching people who work so hard on their craft receive recognition will never not make me smile. Award shows are one of those times when excitement and joy are the only thoughts in everybody’s mind, until someone changes that. 

On Jan. 7 actors, directors, producers, costume designers and more made their way into The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. With guests seated at tables with graceful centerpieces and white linen tablecloths, the night could finally begin. It was the beginning of the end. 

Jo Koy, a comedian, was picked to be this year’s “Golden Globes” host. Koy, a 52-year-old comedian, had what appeared to be a pretty positive track record when it came to his comedy and performance. Koy is accomplished, has a Netflix comedy special and has raised money for Filipino Americans to get involved in jobs they want. So, what exactly happened? 

When a host is picked for any award show a group of writers and the host come together to put together a script. This is for the host and award presenters, and helps the show to run smoothly, keeping things appropriate for broadcast television. While Koy didn’t drop a curse word or use vulgar language, he did make choices that will be hard to come back from. 

“Oppenheimer,” a film about the creator of the atomic bomb, was released on the exact same day as “Barbie.” Film goers everywhere celebrated what was affectionately known as “Barbenheimer,” the attending of both films consecutively. Both films have been praised by movie lovers for being well done, and fantastic discussions have arisen on their respective topics as a result. Koy seemed to miss the memo that the films are drastically different and therefore can not be compared when it comes to plot. 

Koy’s opening monologue missed the mark. For starters, Koy reduced the plot of “Barbie” to the titular character having big boobs while praising “Oppenheimer” for being one of the greatest films of the season. He then went on to insult Margot Robbie, the lead actress who played Barbie, telling Robbie that everything isn’t about her. Robbie plastered on what can only be described as a “Well … this is awkward” smile. 

Right after insulting Robbie, Koy moved onto Taylor Swift, saying that there would be fewer shots of her than at an NFL game. Recently, Swift has been in the spotlight for frequently attending the football games in which her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, plays. Some have argued that Koy was not wrong in his assertions. Does a Barbie doll have big boobs? Yes. Was the movie about Barbie’s boobs? No. Is Swift shown a lot on camera when she attends an NFL game? Yes. Does she control the cameras? No. 

Koy’s comments only prove the point of Barbie. No matter what a woman does, she will be subjected to ridicule, judgment and unwarranted criticism. If Robbie or Swift had gotten up and told Koy off, they would be labeled as overly emotional or just another hysterical woman. If Ryan Gosling, the actor who played Ken, had told Koy off, he would be praised for defending the women he worked with. Gosling has spoken multiple times about how Barbie is nothing without the women who made and played every Barbie in the film. 

Swift is one of the most powerful women and entertainers on the planet. Robbie is an actress with over 30 successful film roles under her belt. Koy’s default to make fun of and bully successful women in their respective field only proves the point of “Barbie.” No matter how hard a woman works, how smart she is or how talented she is, someone will find a way to tear her down. 

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