The Rider News reports theft of hundreds of print copies 

HUNDREDS of print copies of The Rider News were taken from multiple locations throughout campus over a recent weekend, with The Rider News staff members discovering the thefts. 

Newspapers were discovered missing from newsstands at four locations on Feb. 12: Sweigart Hall, Bierenbaum Fisher Hall, the Science and Technology Center and Student Recreation Center. Newspapers were also tampered with at locations in the Bart Luedeke Center and Lynch Adler Hall. 

The Rider News filed a report with Rider Public Safety and the Lawrence Police Department, requesting a review of security footage surrounding newsstands due to the value of newspapers stolen. 

In an email to The Rider News on Feb. 21, James Waldon, director of Public Safety, said, “Our investigation did conclude that an employee rearranged and relocated some newspapers, though doing so did not constitute a criminal act. The matter was referred to Human Resources for corrective action.” 

According to the Student Press Law Center (SPLC), newspaper theft is censorship, and “a serious threat to the viability of the student media community.” 

Campus newspaper thieves have been prosecuted across the nation, according to the SPLC. 

“Newspaper theft is a crime. Even in the online/ digital age, theft of physical newspapers continues to be an appalling form of censorship,” The SPLC says on its website. “Each year student publications across the country fall victim to thieves whose intent is to prevent the dissemination of news, information, and opinion in which they disagree.” 

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