The Stainman Family Fund distributes another year of scholarships

By Olivia Nicoletti

Arthur J. Stainman ’65 is the definition of giving back. Since he graduated from Rider, his continuous dedication has not been overlooked.

In 2015, he and his family created the Stainman Family Fund, consisting of $2.5 million that grants juniors and seniors scholarships.

Apart from attracting the brightest students, the fund allows for financial stability making Rider more accessible.

According to the Feb. 8 university press release, “Stainman views the fund as a way to express appreciation for his own educational opportunities while helping promising students who face financial challenges.”

This year the fund granted eight students scholarships, with four of them receiving it for a second year.

Meghan Mulhearn, a marketing major, Christopher Lynch, an accounting major, Avery Thomson, an organizational psychology major and Ryan Won, an accounting major, were the seniors whose scholarships were renewed.

Mulhearn found the Stainman Family Fund to be rewarding, as her loans were a burden for her even before coming to college.

“This scholarship has impacted my four years at Rider, due to knowing my junior and senior years here are now being helped out financially, and without this scholarship, there has been a significant amount of pressure lifted,” Mulhearn said. “I feel as if I can do more of the things I enjoy while being at college and not worry so much about the money spending aspect, since I tend to spend money on a good amount of things here. Whether that be going out to eat with friends, dues for my sorority [Delta Phi Epsilon], or just even buying myself a coffee to treat myself.”

According to Mulhearn, the scholarship was a random selection among students with a 3.5 grade-point average or higher, but she is grateful to have been chosen.

“It has made me feel more welcomed at Rider because it’s like they knew what I was worried about,” said Mulhearn. “The sense of belongingness is unmatched.”

Junior marketing major Amaya Pegeron, Xyaire Merriweather, a graduate student in the master’s of business communication program, Alyxandria Batty, a senior musical theater major, and Ethan Manton, a senior arts and entertainment industry management major, who received the scholarship for the first time, are the other recipients of the fund.

Pegeron described the Stainman Family Fund as an “unexpected blessing,” after receiving a scholarship from it for the first time in November of 2021.

“This scholarship took a huge weight off my shoulders,” Pegeron said.

“As a first-generation college student, I am paying for school all on my own and Mr. Stainman’s scholarship helped me out in such a tremendous way.”

Because Pregeron entire junior year was paid off, it has “motivated [her] to finish strong.”

According to Pegeron, she is “so grateful for the scholarship, so grateful for the Stainman family and so grateful to be a Rider student.”

Merriweather, who also got a full year’s worth of tuition said, “[this scholarship] is definitely a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and not just my shoulders, but my parents … I’ve obviously benefited financially, but … I’m happy to have a school that does appreciate and acknowledge students who are working hard beyond just maybe athletics or the arts departments, but also more academically, proving themselves here on campus. So it was nice to feel supported in that way.”

All the recipients were thankful for Stainman and his family’s dedication for recognizing students on campus who are achieving academic greatness.

“Thank you to the Stainman family once again for everything you continue to do for Rider and its students,” said Mulhearn. “I will be talking about this with my family for a very long time, and it has made my education more enjoyable.”

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