University communications notified community of sexual assault incident

By Hailey Hensley

Rider University issued a campus-wide warning for a reported on-campus sexual assault that occurred on the evening of March 8 in the Alpha Xi Delta residence hall.

On March 9, University Communications sent out an email notifying students that the incident had occurred. The email stated that the person involved was a student and known to the victim.

According to the email, a Title IX investigation is being conducted by the university and the case is also being investigated by the Lawrenceville Police.

Lawrenceville Police did not provide any further information due to the case still being open.

The university email stated that a no-contact order had been issued to the student involved.

Rider Vice President of Communications and University Marketing Kristine Brown stated that federal law “requires that we provide information to our community so that they can act or protect themselves accordingly for… crimes that occur on campus. That’s the whole point of a timely warning. Where we can, we provide information about the type of incident, when and where the incident occurred, and what steps we have taken in response.”

Rider University Public Safety did not respond to requests for comment.

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