University welcomes back beloved tradition: Cranchella

By Tristan Leach

On Sept. 5, the much loved welcome week tradition, Cranchella made a return. The event is a Rider student and staff favorite with hundreds turning out for their favorite activities. After several stressful days of moving in, students were ready for some much needed fun. 

Cathryn Vanbogelen, a sophomore sports management major, said, “It’s a great way to meet everybody once you’re moved in.” 

Just like last year’s event, Kona Ice made a return to campus. Eager students and staff lined up to customize their own sweet icy treat. Students smiled and showed off their now colorful lips in a range of blues, purples, greens and reds, showing how much they enjoyed the icy treat. 

While many students lined up for the shaved ice, others engaged in some competition. Cranchella featured four inflatable games, an obstacle course, platform dodgeball, wrecking ball and a wipe out game. Excited students raced to be first through the obstacle course. Friends laughed as they bragged about how they were going to win.

 Behind the inflatables was a game of cornhole. A small group of students waited their turn as they watched carefully aimed throws of bean bags. The popular game had students cheering as they watched their fellow students make the winning shot. 

Students gather with their friends to engage in some friendly competition and enjoy some sweet icy treats.
Students gather with their friends to engage in some friendly competition and enjoy some sweet icy treats. Photo courtesy of Andrew Xon.

For other students, the airbrush tattoo booth was calling to them. With over 50 designs to choose from, students could be seen sporting green dragons, multi-colored stars, pink skulls and many more. 

Along with the fun of games and delicious sweets was the opportunity for bonding. Returning students excitedly greeted their friends and talked about summer and the upcoming semester. New students arrived with their roommates or alone. Some happily introduced themselves to new friends. Others who felt a little more shy were approached by other students. Soon, new friendships were formed all over the campus. 

Riley Mozes, a senior health science major, said, “The thing I enjoy most about the event is just seeing all of the new students and current students getting together. I think it’s really cool to see how everyones kinda interacting and how a lot of the current students will come up and introduce themselves to the new students.” 

As the festivities continued, more students joined in, excitedly greeting friends and enjoying the summer air before the start of another school year at Rider. 

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