Which is better: Coke or Pepsi?

By Felicia Roehm

Over the summer, Rider partnered with Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages and has given students a variety of drinks in Cranberrys, but this raises the question of which is better: Coke or Pepsi?

Although they are similar, the majority of Rider students that were interviewed prefer Coke. The machines are aesthetically pleasing, and students can have other drinks they enjoy including Sprite, Minute Maid, Powerade and many more. Also, the Coca-Cola logo is more appealing and identifiable as it is seen on many shirt designs.

Their commercials are also more memorable compared to Pepsi, specifically the commercials during the Super Bowl. In 2017, Pepsi produced a commercial for the Super Bowl, and it raised a lot of controversy. The commercial showed people protesting police brutality and Kendall Jenner, who was modeling near a building, joined the protest. When the protest reached the police, Jenner handed a Pepsi to a cop, and then everyone was happy. People expressed their feelings through social media and shared that the commercial was perceived as racist, ignorant and inconsiderate.

Jenner later apologized for the commercial, and Pepsi pulled the advertisement. However, Pepsi is the sponsor of the Superbowl halftime show. The halftime show gets a lot of attention, and people wait to hear the announcement of who will be performing each year. The show has starred many celebrities including Beyoncé, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and so many more.

But the Coke mascot is the adorable polar bear and has been in many advertisements, especially during the winter season, since 1922. The polar bear is cute and cuddly, but the Pepsi mascot is quite the opposite. Most don’t even know that Pepsi has a mascot, but they do, and it is called the Pepsiman. Pepsiman is frightening and less popular than the Coca-Cola polar bears.

At a restaurant, if you ask for a Coke, the waiter might say, “is Pepsi, Ok?” However, it is not often the question is reversed and someone asks for a Pepsi and is asked if a Coke is alright instead.

This new partnership with Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages will also give
students the opportunity to have an internship with them in Philadelphia or South Brunswick, New Jersey. No matter the student or the student’s major, any experience is great for a future career and resume. Coca-Cola has brought tastier drinks to Rider’s campus and new horizons for students.

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