Women’s Empowerment Month: Heather Batezel

The Rider News incorrectly printed Heather Batezel’s internship company name, Batezel worked at Warner Music Group not Warner Bros. The Rider News regrets the error.

By Hannah Newman

Senior arts and entertainment industries management major Heather Batezel had a vision to pursue musical theater; it had always been a part of her life growing up. 

After a while, she felt herself parting ways with that passion and seeking something different that was still related to the field, but more fulfilling.

“I was kind of falling out of that passion [performing] just because the audition process is very intense,” said Batezel. “I didn’t understand there were other ways in the business.”

Batezel came to Rider in 2020, when COVID-19 was at its peak and campus hit a low point with virtual classes and less room for the full experience of extra curricular activities.

After moving into Lake House, the musical theater dorm, Batezel was still auditioning for the program. When these attempts did not work out in her favor, Batezel decided to shift gears and pursue the AEIM major.

In spring of her freshman year, Batezel joined Alpha Xi Delta sorority. 

During her time in the sorority, Batezel served as the chapter’s events director and external marketing chair.

Current president and music education major Julia Wilder said, “Heather has always encouraged me to get involved and has been a key factor in the success of our formal and social events. She has also encouraged many sisters to get involved in the radio station and showcase their creativity.”

Batezel first heard about the opportunities at 107.7 The Bronc radio station from Alpha Xi Delta and began working seven days a week doing the Bronc Buzz, an entertainment segment described as  “Hollywood Insider.” 

“I was so determined at that point to find new skills, so I just walked into the radio station my sophomore year,” said Batezel.

She quickly realized that radio was something she loved and would help continue the AEIM major with more stability. 

“It’s just another skill set that has made me more marketable to employers and my future,” said Batezel. “They saw that I was there every day eager to learn more, and I started helping out with social media.”

Batezel started a podcast her sophomore year that was born from a class project. “Grow Up Blondie” is a show that focuses on maturing as a woman through exploring college experiences.

General manager of 107.7 The Bronc John Mozes said, “Heather believes a lot more in her skills than she did four years ago and now is asking to take on more challenges. I think being on the air has helped her with that.”

Senior AEIM major Heather Batezel holds a rose at an Alpha Xi Delta sorority event. Photo courtesy of Heather Batezel.

Batezel was elected to be the social media director at 107.7 The Bronc spring of her sophomore year.

In addition to the full-time position at the station, Batezel juggled two on-campus jobs at the help desk and university bookstore as well as positions in Alpha Xi Delta. 

However, Batezel expressed that the station allowed her to explore her new passions and grow in many different ways.

“Junior year was definitely my most pivotal time, because that’s when I realized I loved this [working at the station],” said Batezel. “I really understood what responsibility was and my work ethic. I always want to continue to learn, grow from my mistakes.”

Experiencing the Marconi Radio Awards and the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Awards was a highlight and an immense point of growth in her experience. 

“I was introduced to all of this and became eager to network and grow,” said Batezel. 

Mozes added, “When we were at the Marconi awards, Heather came prepared … 99% of the awards are for commercial markets, radio, and there were heavy hitters in the industry. I give her a lot of credit. She was out handing her cards to everyone.”

Coming into the fall semester of senior year, Batezel took on an internship at Warner Bros., working in podcasting operations and network strategy. 

The position consisted of weekly operations, managing production schedules and working with the production team to provide feedback for podcasts.

“I’ve met a lot of contacts through that and I’ve been kind of networking,” said Batezel. “The experience really told me that I love being in a corporate atmosphere.”

Although the internship took up more of her time and lessened her involvement at the station, Batezel’s contributions have never died out. Her full-time efforts at 107.7 The Bronc were quickly weaved back into place when the Warner Bros. internship ended in December 2023. Batezel currently works on 107.7 The Bronc’s TikTok. 

Batezel holds her time at Rider close to her, taking the skills she’s learned on campus far beyond her days as a student.

She said, “Rider is home.” 

The Women’s Empowerment Month series is a collection of articles by The Rider News to celebrate the excellence of the women at Rider University.

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