Calling for a combined effort to safeguard Rider’s future

By Micah Rasmussen

As a proud and grateful Rider alumnus, staff and faculty member, I’d like to express my pride and gratitude to Alexis Bailey and Alex Solomon — both Rebovich Fellows who are now making a very positive mark in New Jersey politics — for their critical reminder in last week’s Rider News that whatever our present differences, right now Rider needs all our help.

To this same end, I have a humble request of every one of my fellow members of the Rider community. Take a long, hard look inside. If you find you truly care about whether this special place thrives and survives, please stay and be one of the heroes who puts everything else aside and helps make it happen.
This will be a decisive time in Rider’s life, and we need to work together toward the single-minded goal of preserving it. If we are going to prove successful, nothing can detract from this effort.

There are no other options, bailouts or white knights. Rider’s history will either be written by those of us who afford it the determination and flexibility that will be necessary to safeguard its future or by those of us who do not.

Micah Rasmussen ’92, political science professor

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