Student Government Association as the voice for students

By Rider University Student Government Association

There has been a noticeable shift in morale amongst students since the beginning of the fall semester with concerns over COVID-19, the Credo partnership and, most recently, the voluntary separation program. Oftentimes, the complicated nature of these issues results in confusion, fear and frustration on the part of students, faculty and staff alike, with questions regarding the future of the student experience at Rider. While a clear path forward is hard to envision in the face of tough challenges, the Student Government Association (SGA) is confident that our continued advocacy will result in what’s best for Rider and our student body.

As members of the SGA Executive Board, we were elected by our peers to create a culture where the best interests of all students are the first priority.

In these roles, we have the unique opportunity to be on the frontline of conversations impacting the student body, good or bad. One of the foundational principles of SGA is holding administration, faculty and student government accountable for transparent and collaborative decision-making. Our role in all of these outcomes is to establish a collaborative approach in sharing how university decisions can and will impact the student body, not to pick a side between administration and faculty.

The idea of transparency among all three stakeholders includes helping students understand the future of their university and the administrative response to problems currently affecting the Rider experience. You may be wondering what SGA is doing to keep students in the loop of decisions made at the administrative level and get answers to questions about larger initiatives. In response to developing information, we are prepared to roll out a series (on the @ridersga social media pages and via email) named “Your Guide To,” which outlines the intent behind university-wide initiatives and how they impact the current students. In doing so, we hope the collaborative nature of these documents will contribute to greater awareness and understanding of complex institutional issues.

As we continue to provide information that helps students gain a deeper understanding of the meaning behind university decisions, it is imperative that students stay up to date and continue asking difficult questions. No matter the intricacies of what has happened or is yet to come, we will always advocate for students, and their elected leaders want to see the longstanding health of Rider just as much as they do.

This editorial expresses the unanimous opinion of The Student Government Association Executive Board.

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