Rider welcomes Hispanic Heritage Month

By Hannah Newman

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on Sept. 15 and runs until Oct. 15, recognizing the Hispanic, Latinx and Chicanx communities of the United States. During the month, Americans demonstrate their gratitude towards these communities for their significant role in shaping aspects of America’s culture and history along with their contributions to America’s success in many different professions and areas of expertise. Students from different countries and cultures share Rider’s campus, and Hispanic

Heritage Month serves as time to celebrate these students.

Senior psychology major Maureen Guilbot established her club at Rider called Rider Latinas Unidas (RLU), an inclusive club for Hispanic women that focuses on embracing the originalites of being a woman from these communities and discussing the obstacles faced within the community while using the strength that is exchanged between members to overcome adversity.

“The name “Latinas Unidas” means Latin Women United (RLU), however, anyone can join and find a hogar [home] in RLU. We want a legacy of Hispanic/Latinx women who feel welcomed and empowered at Rider University, who will be able to find a new family through a sense of belonging and connection,” said Guilbot.

In addition to RLU, clubs such as the Latin American Student Organization, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, along with Chi Upsilon Sigma, are all different ways for students to get involved in the Latinx community at Rider, promising safe and accompanied grounds for every student as they work their way to becoming successful both before and after graduation.

“This entire month of celebration allows for the Hispanic community to display the impact we have had in this country. From culture, to fashion, to food and even our language, the Hispanic community has changed the way America functions,” said junior psychology major Yezenid Soto in an email to the Rider News.

Aside from the clubs that can be found on campus year round, Rider signifies Hispanic Heritage Month with many different events and activities each week of this month, giving students the chance to expand their knowledge of these cultures with games, dance lessons and Q&A sessions.

These sessions allow students from different backgrounds to express how they feel about the Rider community and how they value their nationality, while giving others a chance to learn first-hand what their peers’ heritages mean to them and what everyone can do to ensure that the feelings of comfort and pride in oneself are spread throughout the campus.

¡Bienvenidos al Mes de la Herencia Hispana aquí en Rider!

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