Students continue to maintain fitness in midst of pandemic

By Christian McCarville

Life has certainly changed in many ways since March 2020. COVID-19 has resulted in many establishments either being shut down or forced to adapt and improvise. A new set of rules and guidelines were created with the intent of reducing the spread of the virus.

Many individuals underwent major lifestyle changes as a result of the widespread pandemic. For many people, fitness is an aspect of their lives that was greatly impacted.

With the shutdown of gyms across the country, it became hard to maintain one’s physique. Many people had to get creative to establish at-home workout routines and ways to stay in shape.

For some, the extra time spent at home was an excellent opportunity to put more time into improving their fitness. For others, the inability to simply go to their local gym was demoralizing.

Junior entrepreneurial studies major Tolhan Guven explained how his motivation was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I definitely worked out a lot less after the pandemic hit,” said Guven. “I think that’s where I need to improve on, my motivation.”

Senior film and TV major Anthony Collesano explained how he is now in better shape than ever before as a result of the pandemic.

“At first, my motivation decreased just because it was a weird time and everyone’s schedule got mixed up,” said Collesano. “Now there’s stuff I would normally do in the middle of the week that I don’t, so I have more time to do this. It’s honestly kind of a blessing because now I’m in better shape and better health.”

Collesano routinely travels a short commute to Rider with his housemate to access the Student Recreation Center (SRC). The majority of his workouts are done in the Schimek Family Fitness Center where there is a wide variety of workout machinery and equipment.

In the fall 2020 semester, students were at first limited to an outdoor gym, dubbed the Bronc Barn. Since then, the SRC staff have worked to create a safe and sanitary environment within the indoor fitness center. This is increasingly more useful for students as weather conditions grow colder.

Anyone that is using the SRC is expected to fully comply with the rules and regulations and must wear a face mask at all times. Gym equipment must also be properly sanitized before moving on to the next workout.

Senior finance major Josh Lim commented on how the ability to utilize the SRC has improved his motivation to work out.

“I think my motivation is definitely up more now that the SRC has opened,” said Lim.

While gyms have begun to open with carefully implemented safety protocols, the SRC remains committed to providing students with the opportunity to maintain their fitness levels while also staying protected.

The ability to work out in a safe environment is sure to have a positive impact on both the mental and physical health of Rider students.

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